Just Kiss And Make Up Will Yer!

Interesting times in the off/on love affair between The Daily Mail and the Odious BNP. In an attempt to claim the moral high ground the official racist site has a pop at the pitiful Mail story about UK crime rates being worse than South Africa. Of course the author of this bilge is our old friend James 'fiddler on the hoof' Slack. Read 5CC here and you'll see how this vile creature regularly twists figures to suit his bigoted agenda.

Now, Slack and his mates at The Mail are used ad nauseam by the BNP lot to back up their racist ideals and Fascist ideas. So, it comes as a bit of a surprise, n'est-ce pas (guess who was watching Poirot at the time) to see another dig at their bed chums (following on from the call to complain to the PCC).

In truth the BNP article takes Chris Grayling (quoted in the Mail story) as its real target:

  • The rank amateurishness which characterises the modern Conservative Party has been exposed with the embarrassing claim by Tory Home Affairs frontbencher Chris Grayling that Britain has a higher violent crime rate than South Africa and America.
The piece continues:
  • In reality, both South Africa and America have dramatically higher rates of violent crime than Britain. The Tories are simply lying, and have shown the intellectual shallowness of the people who want to make up this country’s next government.
Hmm, a bit rich coming from a party which routinely lies about crime figures in order to portray non-white people as the enemy within and in their recent leaflet highlighting alleged racist crimes committed by non-whites against whites, used numerous examples which were nothing of the sort.

The real reason the BNP are glad to run this attack on the story becomes clear further on:
  • To make matters worse, evidence from the British police shows that immigrants to Britain are responsible for a majority of the reported murders and related violent crime in Britain - making a mockery of the Tory allegations that British people are violent.
So, how do our statistical saints arrive at this startling conclusion? In a move that Slack himself would be proud of we see this:
  • Most murders in London in 2007 were committed by foreigners, according to Scotland Yard figures released in November of that year.
Really? Of course we have to put ourselves into the racist mindset of Nicholas Griffin to make sense of this whopper:
  • Of 47 killings between April and September 2007, where the nationality of the accused was known, 26 of the suspects - 55 percent - were not Britons. At least 23 of the victims were foreign, including Somali, Brazilian, Irish and Vietnamese citizens. The accused in the London sample hail from all corners of the world: Peru, China, Albania, Romania, Lithuania, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
Time after time we have seen the Mail do this smoke-and-mirrors trick. Note that 'suspects' and 'accused' are transformed - as if by magic - into the guilty. Tell us anything about what awaits us if this lot had control of the judicial system?

I'm not sure if this includes the murders that Richard Barnbrook dreamt up but who knows? (Tory Troll)

Also of interest is the implication that 'victims' - being foreign - are the cause of their own demise; the 'well, if they weren't in this country in the first place...' comment we saw in The Mail when Jean Charles de Menezes was (wrongly) reported to have been an illegal immigrant.

The Mail and the Beeners: the love that dare not speak its name.


Simon 'Two Wardrobes' Darby has a big plan. He wants to go all Co-op on us:
  • With nearly one million voters spread right across the country and over 11,000 members an opportunity exists to set up an in-house Nationalist alternative to the supermarkets, the sticky point being distribution and initial range of stock.
Yeh, good luck with that!!

Remember the last big idea? The British Pages? You don't? Oh treat yourself and wander over to their high-tec site here. Back already? Good wasn't it? Note all the jobs available for us indigenous, oppressed folk and also the job applicants from all the nationalists discriminated against by everyone. Not one fucking entry!

Then there's the classified section. Note that they all seem to be BNP members: the taxi firm of Euro candidate Edward 'Spud' O'Sullivan, Euro candidate Degsy Adams's soon-to-be-demolished BNP pub The Ace of Diamonds, the Kimberley Hotel in Blackpool - venue of the BNP post-Euro love-in and other goodly businesses like Halal-free builders with added apostrophes and Teutonic tonsors. There's also the inviting enterprise of 'Premium Plasters' (obviously for any cuts received at the hands of the demon barber) who helpfully supply us with a quotation - "Remove 2 existing upvc doors and 2 windows for relocation. " (that'll be for carrying out the voluntary repatriation' policy then!)

Fish in a barrel? Yeh, but when in Rohm.
  • Premium Plasters are responsable for removing and disposing of all waste materials.
Insert your own joke here. Why should I do all the work?

There's also another pub - the Rose and Crown in Upperby, Carlisle. Anyone in that area without offensive views and a shiny skull may wish to find another boozer.

Looking forward to the new BNP hypomarket then?