Wellington in Wellington

I love Google ads. Don't have them here but it's always great to see what the algorithms come up with and the interesting juxtapositions and ironies.

Today's example is on the spiffing British Pages, which although still awaiting its first vacancies for British (see Nick Griffin for definition) workers, continues its march/crawl towards success. The fact that the two North-West businesses (the soon-to-be-demolished pub and the Blackpool hotel) have disappeared from the site may be just a blip. Perhaps the poor spelling was putting customers off. Or the golliwog badges.........

Anyhow, if the British Pages fails in its crusade to save Britain from itself, members may be tempted to join the queue to jump ship and emigrate to the land of the kiwi. This blog foresees the establishment of epoch-making friendships between the English emigres and the New Zealand indigenous Maoris. Dogs in stables and all. Whether ostentatious tattoos will be allowed in Griffin's New Look BNP remains to be seen.

The chums at the British Pages will be pleased to see the results of a study highlighted in today's Guardian. Now this blog is as cynical as any about so-called scientific studies that seek publicity fr the people carrying out the survey, but hey ho:

  • The famously multicultural city of Bradford has emerged as one of the three most "English" places in England for patriots to spend St George's Day.
Now, I'm biased here. As someone introduced to the delights of Balti and Lamb Jalfrezi via the curry houses of Soho Road in Birmingham, I must admit that my first trip to Bradford was an eye-opener. A victory for Tranmere (our only Viking football team) at Valley Parade was followed by a magnificent curry near an equally impressive mosque.

We even stayed at a pub which overlooked the 'lane' featured in 'Band of Gold' starring the great actress Samantha Morton. Halcyon days. So good to see that Bradford also has -according to the survey - "one of the country's highest ratios of fish and chip shops to people, and an astonishing number of cricket clubs and leagues."

It was good to see Brighton positioned in the top 10 too. That should please someone! Before he sets sail for pastures new.


Hopefully, Leicester City can do us a favour and beat Scunthorpe tonight to help our promotion campaign.