Fly Tipping by N. G. Riffin


Just booked a flight to Oslo which seemed like a good idea at the time as I pine for the fjords but evidently it's a bit on the expensive side and the airport is a bit of a distance to town but hey ho. Anyway, as I know there are a few regular visitors from Norway, I'd be grateful for any tips. I've already perused a few guides including the use-it website, so I've a fair idea what I want to do. Certainly a boat trip looks likely.


In other news, I'm looking into the wondrous news that the BNP are trumpeting the British Pages - a Nationalist version of the Yellow Pages, which they probably think is a Maoist conspiracy!

The thinking behind this epochal site is that people can highlight businesses they feel contribute to Britain: Marks and Spencer, Harrods etc. I should imagine.

Not only that but the rational and not-at-all bigoted people behind the site are standing at the forefront of the fight to preserve the British pork pie:

  • Everyday we see more high street names promoting the islamification of Britain. Fast food outlets that are forcing halal products on an unsuspecting British public. Not only is this process barbaric and totally alien to our animal loving nation. It is a direct attack on British culture and identity. Goodbye to our favourite the bacon butty or the pork pie, no more ham in your ploughman's sandwich.
The list does recommend a local butcher who won't sell Halal meat. A lone voice apparently. No flies on him (or his lamb chops).

It's only early days but already they have 2 major exclusives:
  1. The Ace of Diamonds pub in Manchester claims to offer a welcome to all (though prospective patrons may wish to consider that Mein Host, Derek Adams, recently stood for the BNP in local elections). So successful was he (he came 2nd) that it forced the Council to use a time machine and issue a Compulsory Purchase Order in 2007. As the BNP point out the CPO was issued ‘for no apparent reason other than to persecute the owner’.
2. Calder Designs, where you can order your very own Enoch Powell T shirt or perhaps an 'England: Love it Or Leave it' car sticker.

The site also has a handy job vacancy section. Unfortunately, nothing is on offer at the moment. Nor are there any takers for the 'British Workers For Hire' section. Of particular interest is their declaration:
  • Our Employment Exchange is probably our most ambitious section. This is where we want to try encourage British employers to advertise their vacancies. By recruiting through the British Pages employers not only gain hard working conscientious British staff.
Now this could be one to watch. Given that the BNP tells its members:
  • BNP activists and writers should never refer to ‘black Britons’ or ‘Asian Britons’ etc, for the simple reason that such persons do not exist. These people are ‘black residents’ of the UK etc, and are no more British than an Englishman living in Hong Kong is Chinese. Collectively, foreign residents of other races should be referred to as ‘racial foreigners’, a non-pejorative term that makes clear the distinction needing to be drawn. The key in such matters is above all to maintain necessary distinctions while avoiding provocation and insult. [RULE #15]
  • Britain does not have ‘immigrants,’ a term proper for use in settler societies like Canada, Argentina, and the USA. It has ‘guest workers,’ ‘foreign workers,’ or ‘descendants of foreign workers.’ They are, depending on who they are, ‘racial foreigners,’ ‘religious foreigners’ or ‘persons of foreign religion,’ or ‘ethnic foreigners.’ The last term is meant to apply to persons racially similar to Britons, but ethnically dissimilar, like Dutchmen.
This seems to fly in the face of the recent New Statesman article, which stated,
  • Public anxiety about immigration may have helped fuel the BNP’s rise, but the party is about more than racism and xenophobia.

Still, getting back to the crusade on 'British jobs for some British workers', they may be looking for a JCB operator over at the Ace of Diamonds soon! Clearing the decks I think, though they haven't always been playing with a full one anyway.


harebell said...

Stunning dissonance with respect to defining immigrants by the brain trust at the BNP.
It's unbelievable that they can really write one paragraph followed by the other.
I am a new Canadian and the attitude of those right wingers that were born here seems to follow much along the same lines.
They just don't want to come clean and say you're not Canadian (or British) cos you've a different skin colour.
Good blog, love the photos, keep highlighting the absurdities of the idiots.