Shame or Ashamed?

Norwich Union has trumpeted its altered name of Aviva, Marathon transformed into Snickers and Cat Stevens became Yusuf Ali. But is a name change always a good move?

An interesting development over at the Merseyside BNP site. In an attempt to distance itself from the BNP it has rebranded itself as 'The Merseyside and Liverpool nationalists.' It even has an exclamation mark at the end of the title like Westwood Ho! and Send Them Back! Of course, it still has the merseysidebnp blog address. Surprisingly, along with the disappearance of the BNP moniker is the vanishing Union flag. Are they ashamed of the British flag?

Is this because the Griffin-led BNP are ashamed of their medal-clad troops, or is it an indication that the local cadre will be free to express more extreme views in the future.

Curiouser and curiouser.