There are Fascists here. They stand as BNP candidates, but let us be sure: they are just as dangerous as the jackbooting Nazis of yore.

The BNP do not want to be councillors and serve the community; their attendance record in areas where they have won seats is evidence of this.


Cllr Chris Cooke Cocks-up Completely

This is Eric - Eric Der Igel - pictured going about his business one night in Eastern Germany. Hopefully, he is still safe and sound, and not used as a prickly projectile as this poor mite was in New Zealand.

Man faces five years in jail after hitting a boy with... a hedgehog

One of the most annoying traits of the Great Daily Mail Public is their inability to read stories beneath the headlines. Time after time we see examples of this as the morons make themselves look foolish. Of course, the Mail is well aware of this, and my view is that it plays on this when deciding on the wording of articles, allowing the frothing masses to read between the lines - even when the story eventually contradicts the tone of the bold print.

The hedgehog story has been covered in other papers, but the DM version is of note because of the comments. By paragraph 3 it establishes that the incident happened in New Zealand.

Send in the clowns.........

  • Five years in prison for assault with a dead(ly?) hedgehog? Backs up completely what we read elsewhere in the Daily Mail today - that Government Ministers are concerned the police are too focused with minor offences. Five years! What a bunch of silly plonkers!- Cllr Chris Cooke, Tamworth, UK

  • If the teenager has stuck a knife in the man and seriously injured or killed him, he would have been called an ASBO, get a suspended jail sentence and then paid for the lodging he didn't get by serving his time. I'm surprised the man didn't get an extra year or two for abusing a hedgehog. The UK has become a real laughing-stock... except it's not funny.- Charles, UK

  • Five years for this 'crime' seems rather odd when recently two youths who kicked man to death received only four years. Good old Blair 'tough on crime'- G.Ware, York Yorks

  • He should have plunged a knife into his victim's heart. You only get two years for that.- Mike A., Channel Islands

The interesting thing about this is that there is a large number of comments pointing out how stupid these people are. For example,

  • And after reading the comment by Councillor Chris Cooke of Tamworth we find out who the real 'plonker' as he puts it is or does he blame the goings on in New Zealand on the British police as well?- Dave Kempton, Gloucester

I thought this was strange to see so many people castigating their fellow tut-tutters. Now, the Tamworth councillor seems to be familiar. Could he be the same Cllr Chris Cooke who has this interesting site, and who did a bit of pro bono leaflet work for the local BNP candidate. Not that he's in any way connected to them! The anti-BNP site at Lancaster Unity have their own take on this.

He also seems to have come up on the radar of Stormfront, the uber-Nazis (I won't link to them but if you google 'small penis Fascist knuckle-scrapers' you'll no doubt come across their filth.

  • So I hope when the BNP come to power (note - "when"!) that they allow themselves to dig a bit deeper into such things as the NHS than just the pay of the top guys. The whole edificial empire needs an overhaul. Cllr. Chris Cooke

I was still wondering about the flak he got from DM scribblers. Then I came across this on the Press Complaints Commission site:

  • Complainant Name:Councillor Chris Cooke
    Clauses Noted: 1
    Publication: Daily Mail
    Councillor Chris Cooke of Tamworth complained that a comment he had posted after an online article contained an offensive sentence which he had not written.
    The complaint was resolved when the newspaper – which investigated the matter thoroughly and indicated that its records showed that the comments arrived in the same form in which they were posted – removed the comments from its website.

Maybe just a coincidence. And the band played, 'believe me if you like'.

Normally, I wouldn't be interested in what rabid old sons of Fascists get up to behind closed doors, but Max Mosley's alleged indiscretions have produced another one of those jaw-dropping moments of Mail hypocrisy. Maybe he was invited to a 'Nuremburg Rally' party and thought this was just Bernie Ecclestone organising a Le Mans-type event at the Nurburgring.

Formula One boss Max Mosley 'exposed as sadomasochist in Nazi orgy with five prostitutes' bellowed this guardian of our morals. The headline was altered slightly a couple of days later as it emerged the Formula 1 'boss' had instructed lawyers against The News of the World for the original expose as reported in The Times.

The Mail, of course, makes much of the fact that Max is the son of Oswald Mosley, leader of the British Union of Fascists. Strangely, no mention is made of the Mail's infamous support for the man and its headline, 'Hurrah for the Blackshirts'. Nor is there any report of the Mail's owner in 1930s sympathetic treatment of the Nazis and support for appeasement.

Given the obsession of the Mail and others on immigration, gypsies and lefties, little appears to have changed. The worry is that the constant scapegoating of these groups will lead to consequences we hoped had been confined to European history.