Fighting For The Right

The issue surrounding the campaign for the Gurkhas to be allowed to reside in this country has had many of us tearing our hair out; we have found ourselves effectively sharing a platform with The Daily Mail, Conservative Party and the odious BNP ™.

quite how the Government has allowed itself to get into this position is unclear. On the one hand it is eager to appease the anti-immigration tabloids and appear tough on the issue; on the other, it has not (remarkably) realised the depth of feeling on this matter.

In a situation likened to the Post Office closures and rail nationalisation, a Government intent on spin and focus group creeping has let an opportunity go begging. Moreover, it has allowed the bigots and ignorant to use the playground game of immigration Top Trumps.

A caller to the Radio Merseyside lunchtime phone-in - a BNP member/supporter from Ellesmere Port waded in with his best card - you let everyone in and give them mobile phones and housing but don't allow people who fought for the country - which is patent nonsense given the facts as outlined by councils in Salford and Redcar.

Our BNP fiend (sic) was shot down in flames when it was pointed out to him that despite his concern for the Boys From Nepal, they wouldn't be welcome in his party.

So, it is a step in the right direction to see the latest vote in the Commons, which although symbolic, may be sufficient to make Gordon and Co have a change of heart. Having visited Auschwitz yesterday (and pledged money for its future) he should be mindful not to give succour to the BNP and fight for rights not for the Right.