Ten Bob Note

As the fallout over the introduction of a 50% tax rate for about 1.5% of the population continues, it is comforting to see Andrew Lloyd-Webber (the man who never actually said he would leave Britain if Labour gained power) in his natural habitat - the ever-rational Daily Mail - barking about it:

  • I believe that this new top rate of tax could be the final nail in the coffin of Britain plc.
Maybe you could write a musical about it, Andy? Fatcats?

Even though this budget measure is perhaps the most popular thing the Government has done in a while, good old Middle Englander and his wife are on the prowl.
  • My son and daughter in law are in this category. they are not super rich just hard working. they get up at 6 am to prepare for 1 hour travelling, usually no breakfast
    come home 8 to 9 pm for a frozen meal. Their first 4 hours work is for themselves, the next 6 hours is for the lazy shiftless 3 million on benefits the work they do at until midnight and weekends is for the expenses of our MPs. . I really wish I had not sacrificed to give my son a first rate education, I really wish he had not sacrifice his youth in studying. I f I coulf have my time over I would have encouraged him to go on benefits and enjoy life.

If you are finding it hard, Andrew, me ol' creamy whirl, take time out from selling The Big Issue and drop me a line. My offer of a free one-way ticket on Ryanair remains (unless they introduce an ugly task to go with their proposed 'fat tax.' Take that look off your face!

[Claude at Hagley Road To Ladywood has a good piece on the Heffmeister's addition to the debate]


Claire said...

I hate it when people go on about people on loads of money being "hard-working". This may or may not be true, but there are people on all kinds of wages who are hard working. Does Andrew Lloyd Webber work harder than someone who cleans toilets for a living? We don't live in a world where the difficulty of the slog or the number of hours worked corresponds to the wage packet.

Richard T said...

Clearly middle englander's maths are not his strong point; his son and daughter apparenly start work at 7 go though until 7 at night before coming home to a frozen meal which they then gobble down and press on until midnight. This makes a 15 hour day - a 75 hour week - from which they gain 4 hours' worth of pay being a marginal tax rate of just over 73.3%. I fear exaggeration wrecks his point.

I think I recall Andrew Lloyd-Webber threatening to leave the country along with Jim Davidson. Please.