Staines and Groats and Claims

Perhaps the only thing more stomach-churning than seeing Iain Dale and that Guy Fawkes guy with the Mallen streak (or maybe a Brylcream smear) being given prominence on BBC News, and having The Guardian describe him/it as 'buccaneering' is the fact that Simon 'Oucho' Darby of the odious ™ refers to his site as 'well informed'. Well, I suppose if the definition of inform is given its 'grassing up, leaking' meaning.

Bloggerheads has more in depth stuff as to why the new blue-eyed bloggers should be seen in their demon eyes finery.

What is clear is the stinking hypocrisy of people in glass blogs demanding apologies and resignations. This doesn't excuse the idiot behaviour and spin in general, but it does grate when the moral high ground is taken by these reprobates. There are further questions, such as how the emails got into the public domain and whether money changed hands.

The Guardian suggests that this story shows the arrival of blogging and a shift: a sort of power without responsiblity or accountability. Which is a bit rich coming from the Fourth Estate.