Dragons, Griffins and Other Myths

It's that time of the year again. April 23rd. St George's Day. Patron saint of Lithuanians and quite a few others. No doubt there will be stories about jobsworth people banning flags so as not to upset the 'others'.

Some of the papers today (Guardian, Mail)report on Rule 15 of the BNP Discipline Manual (makes me think of Dirk Bogarde for some strange reason), which I touched on previously.

This is of more interest than the recent stories about the BNP rebranding itself but I don't see how it's such a secret when it's all on the BNP website.

The comments in the Mail are true to form in their symbiotic relationship with the BNP. You must be so proud of your demographics, Associated Newspapers.

The British Pages (also mentioned in the previous article) goes from strength to strength. Perhaps. In a timely missive they say:

  • Let me start by wishing you all the best for St Georges Day. This is our day and hope your celebrating with pride ! The site is growing at a steady rate and any thanks for joining, but we need your help if this site is to succeed, we would apreciate it if all members would try and recoommend at least one company to go in the directory and try to invite one more member to the site.
    At the moment we are in the process reaching a deal with a Nationalist book supplier that will give all members of British Pages a 10% discount. Hopefully we will beable to confirm this by the start of next week.
    Thanks very muchj for your continued support
So, the challenge is there. Recommend your local businesses but be careful that they do not fall foul of Rule 15. Still no sign of any jobs there (or indeed potential recruits) on the employment section, but hey, from little adolfs, er acorns. They may be looking for a proofreader soon though. Watch this space.

UPDATE: a flag controversy is flying in Liverpool at this very minute. apparently, the local council have taken down some flags from a street. You wonder at the mentality of such decision-makers because no doubt the odious BNP will be rubbing their hands with glee.