Open Sesame

I know online and offline computer security is important - we can probably guess some of our fellow workers' keywords through the picture of the cat next to their monitor, or their Man Utd tattoo - but don't you think Cory Doctorow of BoingBoing. is going a bit far both in his approach and his view of his own importance?

In the Guardian he says he is worried about others having access to his encrypted files and passwords if he gets knocked down by the proverbial bus, but has the solution:

  • I'd split the passphrase in two, and give half of it to my wife, and the other half to my parents' lawyer in Toronto. The lawyer is out of reach of a British court order, and my wife's half of the passphrase is useless without the lawyer's half (and she's out of reach of a Canadian court order). If a situation arises that demands that my lawyer get his half to my wife, he can dictate it over the phone, or encrypt it with her public key and email it to her, or just fly to London and give it to her.
Sensible or paranoid? Maybe he just needs a porn buddy to go round to the flat and remove any 'for research purposes only' files!