The pathetic Daily Mail gobshite, Richard Littlejohn joined the paper's perverse campaign against Wheelie Bins as this is what really grinds the gears of Middle England - speeding fines (taxes), environmentally friendly schemes (taxes for polar bears) and not being able to wear jewellery (even when you can).

So, I was bit perturbed to come home to find this in the garden:

Incidentally, turning back to Anton's crushing of the new crucifix story, the great problem is that despite the facts showing the article to be the usual scare-mongering anti-Muslim crap, the Mail has already succeeded. As with The Eid smear I covered here, t'internet was full of verbatim repetition of the false and deliberately misleading article.


The rat above (I shall call him Eric for that is what I do) has been back today. He looks quite tame to me so I wondered if he was an escaped pet. I must admit this is the first one I've seen here in over 20 years. we get all sorts of visitors - birds, frogs, flutterbys, hedgehogs, squirrels, mice and even the odd pheasant - but I'd only seen rats in Birmingham and Paris.

They've even made it into the Liverpool echo via Heppy37 on the Flickr group. My Flickr efforts are here.


harebell said...

Are you sure that the beastie is a rat?
I've been down a few sewers in my time and that doesn't look like a rat.
The way it is on its hind legs resembles a pet of more exotic origin.

eric the fish said...

I must admit it didn't look as 'dirty' as I recall rats being, which is why I thought it might be a pet one. Not too up on rodents but I think I know a man who is.
Hasn't come today. I'll end up feeding it and getting an ASBO!

However, I think it has sharp teeth as it seems to have tried gnawing at a shed. (good excuse not to go in for the mower).

Anonymous said...


Rats are social creatures who naturally live in large colonies. No rat should have to live alone, without the company of another rat of the same gender. If neutered, bucks and does can also live happily together.


eric the fish said...

Don't give up your day job! Oh wait, you obviously don't have one judging by the number of times you visit here and the amount of non-relevant posts you make on the site of the Mersey Fascists. Given that your average mark is -1, it seems that you're not even popular there.
Methinks - you being in Brighton and all - that you protest too much about the gay thing.
You really are a sad bastard.

harebell said...

That's some nice scumbags you have visiting. Projection seems to be the idiots main problem.
I do agree about the hatred of lawnmowers and any excuse is a good.