Ogden's Nut Gone Mad

Those of you who remember the good old days of Coronation Street will recall the superb acting of Jean Alexander as Hilda Ogden; a real actress not someone merely playing themselves as seen in Eastenders.

It seems that Liverpool has become famous for something other than the mop top. On Beatles Day yesterday, amongst the Beatles wigs (worn mostly by tourists) was the latest fashion accessory: the pre-night out curlers.

From the same day, some more fabtastic photos.

A bit strange having a plaque commemorating removing the bricks of convicted sex offenders!

Jim Coburn as Lennon

Clayton Square, Liverpool

John in Mathew Street

Jimmy Coburn (Blue Meanies) @ The Cavern
First version (clean) that I've heard of Lennon's Serve Yourself.

The girls in blue were obviously on a Hen night and when asked to take their photo, I had to obey the law.