Walk On The Wild Side

Of course, if this had happened in Manchester, it could have been a walk on the Tameside but I digress. Yesterday 40+ Flickr enthusiasts took part in a two hour trek around Liverpool as part of a worldwide PhotoWalk. The walk was organized by Peter Carr (see his Vanilla Days site). Many of the crew ended up in Baby Blue for an expensive drink or two. Probably the scruffiest crowd to enter the celebrity-spotting venue.

It was quite an experience to watch bemused shoppers wonder what the paparazzi were after.

So, here are some photos of the day.

Dark Side of the Pool

Liverpool One

On Daily Mail Bombing List

Who Are You?

Everton Moptop

Mello Cafe

Ideal Homer Exhibition

Chinatown, Liverpool

Magical Mystery Tour

Cathedral Graves

Stone dead

Wot! No Zombies

Church Prison

Death of a Child

Fallen Soldier