Quiz Time

I know a lot of people come here to idle time away whilst at work in local councils and universities when they should be working, and such skiving can have repercussions as this woman (who had the temerity to criticise Hazel Blears) found to her cost, but hey, it's Friday, it's Beatles Day so put the phone off the hook (obviously if you work for samaritans or Air Traffic Control this may not apply) and test your Beatley knowledge.

If your fiery supervisor (who's probably on seven pence an hour more than you) complains, send them round to me; I'm a Fifth Dan in the dark art of paper shuffling. (Hint: always carry a piece of paper when walking around the office. It looks like you have purpose even if it's only a printed copy of Captain Nijinsky's tips from the Racing post)

The Liverpool Echo has a good Beatles quiz today. I got 42 out of 50 which says a lot for my trivia knowledge if not my life. I'm sure one of the answers given by the Echo is wrong (Laxton's Superb rather than Granny Smith for the Beatles Apple logo was my recollection) but there you go.

The Quiz is here.

Questions 1-10 to start you off:

  • 1. What was John Lennon’s first primary school?

    2. Where was The Beatles’ last full-scale concert appearance?

    3. And when was their last Liverpool concert?

    4. Which church hosted the fete, in July, 1957, when John Lennon and Paul McCartney first met?

    5. Mal Evans, The Beatles’ studio prop man, provided which item that later became a crucial sound effect on the song, A Day in the Life?

    6. Which Beatle said “Liverpool keeps me feet on the ground”?

    7. What was John’s Aunt Mimi’s surname?

    8. What is the pub on the front cover of Ringo’s Sentimental Journey album?

    9. In which Beatles album track does the National Trust get a name check?

    10. Where now is the original Magical Mystery Tour Bus?


Tommy said...

What a great score, my friend! I always consider PPM (not FMTY) as the very first hit by The Fab Four. And isn't there a choir in one of Across The Universe versions? Cheers!