Sympathy For The Devil

From the Liverpool Echo.

A BNP sympathiser has admitted threatening staff at a bookshop during a far-right march.

Liam Pinkham, 21, was taking part in a BNP march through Liverpool city centre when he burst into the News from Nowhere community bookshop on Bold Street.

Liverpool crown court was told the skinhead was dressed in stereotypical far-right clothing, including a bomber jacket and jack boots and was abusive to the two women workers inside.

They claimed he threatened to “burn down the shop”.

Pinkham yesterday admitted intentionally causing harassment, although his barrister Philip Astbury insisted he had only threatened to “shut down the shop”.

Pinkham, of Leeswood Road, Woodchurch, Wirral, had originally been charged with criminal damage and racially aggravated intentional harassment, but he pleaded to the lesser charge on the day his trial was due to start.

Footnote (and more evidence that Facebook is addictive!)

Mr Pink has some interesting friends on Facebook (haven't they all?):

Aidan Aryan (!) who has some White Supremacist mates
Guy Gladstone who worships the English Freedom Fighters.

To be fair there are lots of other people - some of whom claim to be university students - on his list and he doesn't have direct links to the BNP (probably too soft). Are these people mental, or do they just accept every passing thug's friendship. It must be great to be popular!


Our friend Mr Pink has been spreading his hate a bit further:

  • A MAN has been charged with racially aggravated harassment following a BNP victory party.

    Michael Heaton, 41, of Mersey Street, Leigh, was arrested after the rally in Blackpool.

    Michael Hayes, 22, of Henderson Road, Widnes, Liam Pinkham, 21, of Leeswood Road, Wirral, and a boy of 16 who cannot be named for legal reasons, were also charged with the same offence.