Check In Any Time You Like But May Never Leave

I take quite a relaxed view to debates over Ryanair; my numerous sojourns on the good ship O'Leary put me in a difficult position sometimes.

Many commentators have a go at the airline's 'hidden' extras when in fact it only takes a few minutes of reading the T & C to see where potential pitfalls arise. Most of the surcharges can be avoided although with the introduction of a £5 per flight fee for the privilege of using your own ink to print the boarding pass and various debit card fees, this is becoming harder.

One thing I would say is that Ryanair (as with Easyjet) are fine for a couple of hours in the air if everything is running smoothly. The problems arise with delays and unforeseen circumstances.

I was reminded of that when I heard that Ryanair was having a pop at Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) for passengers missing early flights from the Irish capital due to delays at security.

  • Ryanair passengers reported delays of over 30 minutes to clear passenger security which contradicts the DAA’s recent claims that it takes a maximum of 15 minutes.
    Ryanair’s Stephen McNamara said:
    “The DAA’s spokesperson, Siobhan Moore, claimed during radio interviews last month that it takes ‘a maximum of 15 minutes’ to clear security at Dublin Airport and denied claims that passengers were missing flights as a result of security queues. On Saturday, passengers had to suffer long (30 minute) security delays and over 50 Ryanair passengers missed flights as a result.
The problem with this is that Ryanair - now it has decided to dispense with check-in desks - encourages passengers to arrive 45 minutes before the flight rather than the previous suggestion of 2 hours. All well and good but Ryanair is expecting it to work smoothly at all times and patently there will be times when this will not occur. Having a go at the DAA for trying to fleece customers with over-priced drinks and food is pots-and-kettles at its finest (sachet of vodka at inflated euro exchange rate, anyone?)

On my return from Krakow last month, I got a taxi to the airport and was in situ some 130 minutes before take-off. Unfortunately - it being pre-9am- there were few security desks operating but many flights due out. This resulted in an unpleasant experience as we all snaked around like reluctant Corkscrew riders at Alton Towers. Belts off, shoes off, pissed off. I still managed to get my miniatures and water through (5 times in the last 8 flights) so the ant-terrorism measures are plainly working!

So, even arriving before the magical 2 hour figure we only just made the gate. Fortuitously for those following on (and perhaps following Ryanair recommendations) the flight was held back and they ambled aboard. The same does not appear to have happened at Dublin.

Whilst O'Leary may be justified in criticising the DAA, in making this part of his ongoing battle with authorities, he offers no practical solutions. People who have tried to obatin refunds from the no frills operators will testify as to how frustating this can be.


Anonymous said...

You cant please some of the people all of the time. Cheap and I mean cheap flights to Krakow with Ryan Air to the city celebrating its 15th year of Khazarian culture. I do hate that word 'culture'. Who was it who said 'Each time I hear the word culture I reach for my Luger'? When in reality it was actually a Browning if you know your history!! Culture can and does hide so many tastless nasties.
I digress - if you like that Fiddler on the Roof type Klezmer music all well and good, I personally am more of an arty farty sort. Dear old Cracow has much to offer it is by far cheaper than Blackpool and Cracow doesnt have dreadful morons wandering around with there silly banners and hammers. UAF/DIY types, you know the sort - the ones that
are terrified of their own shadow.