Heil of the Century

And now fron Norwich, it's the quiz of the week[1]:

Which party standing in the By-election tomorrow has produced a leaflet full of blatant, hate-filled lies?

Cath Elliott at Liberal Conspiracy pours cold water over the usual BNP claims of Asylum seekers getting priority in public housing over local people.

The leaflet triumphs:

  • Local people in Norwich are being pushed to the back of the housing queue due to Norwich City council and Broadlands District council giving priority to African asylum-seekers.
As Cath explains - having first hand knowledge of the situation -

"Contrary to the assertion in the BNP’s first paragraph that housing priority was given to “African Asylum seekers” the refugees were housed through private sector leased homes.

Furthermore, the use of the pejorative term asylum-seeker was not strictly accurate too.
  • ...we’re talking here about people who had fled the fighting in the Congo, who were living in refugee camps in Zaire (and in some cases who had been in those camps for as long as 10 years), and who had been accepted as refugees by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) while they were still in the camps: in other words prior to their arrival in Britain.
Given that the BNP candidate descibes himself as a Reverend without any evidence of ordination, it's no surprise that they seek to deceive yet again.

Original article in full.


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