Life In The Fash Lane

You know those people who come on the radio and start with the immortal words, 'I'm not a racist but...'? IMNARBs I call 'em. They then proceed into a vile rant about sending back dem coloureds whilst inserting a few bon mots about the bloke in the corner shop.

Why then (he asks knowingly) would Eyebrow Man, Simon Darby say this:

  • On reflection I have to say that there's something very unsavoury about Jack Straw being in a position to deny Ronnie Biggs parole. In no way do I say this thing in an anti-Semitic manner, it's just that I find the whole thing, well, just thoroughly vindictive.
Protest. Too. Much?


I was going to insert a link to the original article by Darby and I found one of his commenters had stepped up to the mark. for those new to these things let me tell you that I often post single sentence responses to Herr Darby's crapulence, knowing full well that they will never see the light of day (indeed I have now been banned from his 'democratic forum for free speech').
As with the BNP's friend the Mail (we're not talking to each other this week; next week we'll be covering each other in our personal fluids), we see what really floats the BNP boat. Take it away "Jayne":
  • I'm sure you've heard all about the Asian ladybird that's threatening our native, cherished ladybird. It's been described as having "phenomenal reproductive capacity" and threatens to displace our native species, No further comments necessary really.
Where have I heard this from?

Ah yes...

The Asian lady set to wipe out British ladybirds

Guess which paper. 2007! Job Done.

You remember my reference to Aesop in a previous post? The point remains that Darby and the BNP still choose to allow these comments whilst suppressing any opposition. Fast friends or fash friends the truth is out there.

The Mail also chose the headline ' Spot The Invader' to cover this story in 2007. Interesting use of words there. Invader? Where do we see this? Ah yes the BNP site.


Whilst treading through the cesspool that is the BNP official site, I chuckled at this:
  • Long-time British National Party superactivist Terry Lewin has been appointed new Black Country organiser, replacing the nearly superhuman Ken Griffiths who has stepped down for health and personal reasons.
Is it a bird?, is it a plane? Oh no it's Sad Ken. Been a bit crook recently. I'm sure he didn't avail himself of any immigrant or Griffin Test non-Brits while in hospital. You'll have to save the planet yourselves though.


Five Chinese Crackers said...

You know, without the 'in no way do I say this in an anti-semetic manner' phrase - I would never have made any connection with anti-semetism at all. I wouldn't have had the first clue why</em Darby finds it unsavoury that Straw has that power.

With the phrase added in, I can now be pretty sure that he finds it unsavoury because Jack Straw is part Jewish. Not anti-semetic my arse.