Tall Ships 2009

In 2008 in our year of Culture we were proud to host the start of the Tall Ships Race. This year the host is Gdynia in Poland, which I visited in January. Some pictures can be found here but the city harbour looks much better now it has the ships in situ. A contact of mine on Flickr, Agnieszka has some great night shots here. The official site is here. Note that Gdynia has also issued its own currency for this event!

Anyone passing through looking for information on the ships and the city should visit the official site and maybe take a peak at some of the photos of the 2008 event in Liverpool docks and the parade of sail.

Those fortunate to be visiting should check out the hidden gem of a pub called Degustatornia. It is hard to find but is on 81-404 Gdynia ul. Świętojańska 130. You will find a bicycle shop and you need to go round the corner to a less than inviting facade and enter via steps (you'll know that much of Poland's night life is underground). The strength and range of beers on offer here means a taxi may be the last order of the day. Tell them Eric The Fish sent you. when we visited we managed to get two free pints because the pumps were just running out.

The pub's own site is here.


Tommy said...

How come you know so much about my country? As a Pole I'm flattered, but at the same time I'm kinda suspicious about your interest in Poland ;)

eric the fish said...

I seem to have been there quite often in recent years! Probably the cheap fares and exchange rate. I used to go to Germany a lot (in fact hoping to go to Hamburg next month)so I'll go wherever they'll take me!

Obviously, the Silesia brewery in Katowice was missed last month!

Tommy said...

Since obviously you're a beer enthusiast, which brand do you value the most? I believe polish Tyskie is one of the best in the world, but my fav is Carlsberg (supporting one of Barclays PL clubs was also a factor ;)

eric the fish said...

Carlsberg (despite being popular on liverpool shirts) is better used for killing slugs. Not drinkable.

Tyskie and Zywiec seemed to be very gassy to me. Zywiec Porter was a great brew though.

We get those beers in england although Aldi have Okocim (the Mocne strong beer we had in the Tatra mountains was good)

To be honest, German or Czech beer is better.

I preferred the local breweries in Poland rather than the mass produced stuff. I once passed the Stella brewery in belgium. massive but very bland.

British beers still rock but in this heat a little cider and ice does the trick.