The Beast Goes On

As Uponnothing on AngryMob notes the story about Griffin's comments on sinking migrant boats was not covered by The Daily Mail (though it did find space for a picture of Lily Allen's nipple). Even The Express carried the story though did not trust its readers to comment on the piece.

Griffin is again in the news with his latest filth:

  • The BNP leader Nick Griffin has described Islam as a “cancer” that should be removed from Europe by "chemotherapy".

    In an interview with Channel 4 News, Mr Griffin, who has just been elected to the European Parliament, said there was "no place in Europe for Islam".

No doubt he'll claim this is out of context but there are obvious dog whistles to the methods the BNP would like to use to 'voluntary repatriate' (if I may boldly split the infinitive!)


Anonymous said...

BNP would like to use 'voluntary repatriate'. and getting rid of scum like you.Killing two Birds with one stone or Rat in your case.

eric the fish said...

Are the tablets not working, my little obsessive?

eric the fish said...

BTW, you've started posting links to your Nazi videos and sites. You're wasting your time. I only allow some of your less objectionable comments when I feel like laughing at your sad life. It empowers me to think that you have nothing better to do than visit this site. Even I don't find it that interesting.

There are doctors available for fantasists like you. Hopefully, you'll find a nice one.