Bloody Asylum Seekers

I'd forgotten about the post-modern irony of Simon Sheppard and Stephen Whittle, who fled the UK to claim asylum in the USA. Apparently, this master plan did not work (the US being full of non-whites and Jews and all) and they came back.

The Guardian explains, "Two British racists who fled to the US were jailedtoday following what is believed to be the UK's first conviction for inciting racial hatred online.

Simon Sheppard, 52, and Stephen Whittle, 42, were sentenced at Leeds crown court for a number of race-hate crimes.

The court heard the pair had published grotesque images of murdered Jewish people alongside cartoons and articles ridiculing other ethnic groups.

During their first trial the pair skipped bail and fled to California where they sought asylum claiming they were being persecuted for their rightwing views. They were locked up before being deported back to the UK."


The court heard the investigation began when a complaint about a leaflet called Tales of the Holohoax was reported to the police in 2004. It was traced back to a post office box registered to Sheppard in Hull, and police later found a website featuring racially inflammatory material.

Prosecutors said one article suggested that Auschwitz was a holiday camp for Jews provided by the Nazis. Jonathan Sandiford, prosecuting, said: "The general theme of the article was that Auschwitz-Birkenau was in fact a holiday camp provided by the Nazi regime. A constant theme was that the Jewish people had made up the story of the Holocaust as a slur on the German people."

Food for thought for our freedom of speech brigade and our deranged follower from Brighton.

Dave Gorman has an interesting and effective way of dealing with obsessives in his latest blog post here. It also raises concerns over the new mobile telephone directory.


Anonymous said...

I take it Mr Gorman is one of the tribe hummm.

Anonymous said...

This is how the oppressive system we live under works.

Few are actually sent to prison but it sends a message to the entire public best not to say anything at all critical about the system just in case.

The snag is that the web has become almost universally available and uncontrollable. The days are over when token arrests can silence expression of dissent.

The fact is that those in power are stuffed in the long run if they try to rule by lies. They've really not grasped this yet and carry on thinking the old methods of arrest, infiltration and intimidation will work.

People used to say communism was brought down by the photocopier. In the long-run this evil racket will be said to have been defeated by the web.wink wink

eric the fish said...

Maybe the best idea is to laugh at them as we do with you. Readers should know that the Brighton Bum also sent some links to Nutzi sites which I don't even bother reading. How sad is your life? Ask your social worker for some leaflets on pottery classes.

I bet you type your comments in the nude too. Prat!

Anonymous said...

You read everything you A hole you have a need to know where the mutton is !!!!lmaoooooooooo