Even More Blues From a Red

Fresh from his court case, Stephen Gerrard celebrated by scoring against Tranmere and causing a further setback to my dream of mighty white supremacy. Still, we managed a 2-2 draw against a team (aside from Stevie G) that would not be familiar to many (the other first team members being in the Far East).

This was a bit of a blow as I could not attend due to my Flu Friend duties. I might as well have a sign round my neck saying 'unclean' and ring a bell judging by some reactions. The official advice is thus:

  • There is no need on risk grounds to avoid contact with people who might simply have come into contact with those having the illness, such as the parents of children at schools with a confirmed case but who are not themselves ill.
Anyway, Steve - next time keep away from bars (unless you're playing against us).