Radio Ga Ga

Another interesting email pops into the box from our odious new MEP. Obviously the huge salary is not stretching far enough in Europe so it's out with the BNP begging bowl again.

  • Our Security Team are heroes; it's
    time we invested in their safety

    We desperately need to support our wonderful Security Team. These extraordinary brave men and women are all volunteers and give their time freely in order to secure the safety of us all. I can tell you personally that if it were not for
    their dedication, professionalism and bravery, I would not be here today.

    In today's political climate the need for fully trained, well equipped security staff is vital. Our team desperately needs new radio equipment, sat-navs, clothing, and ongoing training. These people risk life and limb for our safety, the very least we can do is to supply them with the necessary equipment to do their job. We complain about this government sending our troops into war zones without the proper equipment, and rightly so. But let us not be accused of doing the same with our lads and lasses, who freely give their time to protect us.

    New radios alone will cost £18,000 so you can see, we have to make a significant commitment to our Security Team but believe me they deserve it. Imagine what our brave security must have endured protecting me outside Parliament: bottles, eggs, punches, kicks, placards… they are all heroes of the first degree. If you witnessed the shocking scenes at our press conference outside Parliament you'll know how much our Security people deserve our support!

Radios? £18,000? You can get plastic walkie-talkies from Aldi for about £20! Sounds more like an army he's building, rather than a security force. Maybe Gary Aronsson's Totenkopf avatar makes more sense now.

One of Mr Griffin's crack security force, yesterday