BNP: Aronsson's Reduction

Totenkopf Insignia - SS Division
Below: BNP man Aronsson's Facebook picture.

Quel surprise, Herr Aronsson has seen the need to amend his Facebook pages to exclude some of the notables mentioned in the last post. Oh, but I didn't realise that the swastika was seen as offensive these days, you can hear him cry. They'll be banning the much-loved golliwog badge next.

Of course, Mr Aronsson continues to use the prosaic words 'Speak English or Die' on a black skull for his picture. Nice.

So, given that you do come here via your BNP worker ants, the question remains: why would you accept such people on Facebook and what do those 'friends' now excluded think of you now?

More screenshots before history was altered:

Michael Stevens (now removed from Aronsson's friends) is an interesting character. His avatar has a figure in KKK garb putting a Star of David into a waste bin. What kind of person seeking to represent us at Europe, willingly affirms the friendship of such a person until found out?

Remaining on the list is Sporting Kicks with an avatar saying 'Sporting Kicks - Hooligan Shop. This ties in with Stevens' page which lists a Chelsea Headhunter as a friend.
EDIT: Did find that it does sell 'Hooligan' gear though has a disclaimer. Has Chelsea Headhunters, West Ham ICF, Birmingham Zulus, and Liverpool -we hate Mancs badges.

Schermer Stunner remains too. He has a pretty avatar (himself?) and lists Cannibal Corpse as one of his fave films.

Patrick Sessler - member of Front National in Belgium. In 2006 its leader was convicted for the incitement of hatred, discrimination and segregation in the party's flyers and website. He rates Le Pen, Jorg Haider (the late Austrian Fascist who described Nazi concentration camps as 'punishment camps') and himself as political heroes!

Stacy Killbourne - has friends who have avatars of Hitler and Chelsea Headhunters (football hooligans) and her own one has the insignia used by Stormfront set up by KKK man.

Phil Kimberly - who has a BNP motif with elements of the letters highlighted to make it read NF.

Wolfgang Meister - who rates Sarah Palin and the right to bear arms (in line with BNP policy)

Nico Klier - has a picture of some fetching bovver boots and has a mate called Aryan Insurgent.

Guilt by association? We all have friends, family and acquaintances different from us - supporters of Liverpool, Everton (even my friend Jon the Manc - who will be in Rome: Come on Barca!), vote Tory, Green or Monster Raving Party, like drum n' bass instead of The Beatles, worshippers and agnostics. As Python teaches us, 'Yes, we are ALL different!'

We have to ask questions, though, when a prospective MEP (fortunately only number 8 choice) has so many dodgy friends. The Jam sang 'you've made your bed, you'd better lie in it' but some of us prefer a nice quilt to Tracy Emin's.

UPDATE: 5.30 pm

Tremendous thanks to Johnnyhead @ No Sleep Til Brooklands for uploading a screenshot of by far the worst friend of Gazza. Dave Anderson (Manchester) is single and waiting for lurrve. (see comments below)

Anderson lists his activities as National Socialism, White Power activism and enjoys reading Mein Kampf. His religion is 'creativity' (sic) and he says his favourite quotations are: JUDEN RAUS! and NEGER RAUS!

As you will see from the comments (on the previous post) 5CC has noted the similarity between his skull avatar and that used by the Totenkopf, a division of the Waffen-SS, made up largely of concentration camp
guards. Of course, I'm sure that this is just an unhappy coincidence!


No Sleep 'Til Brooklands said...

I viewed his friends list and the first one I could view from my network (Manc) was the delightful-sounding Dave Anderson, who lists his political views as 'National Socialist', his favourite activities as 'National Socialist and White Power Activism', and his favourite quote as the charming 'TOMORROW BELONGS TO US! JUDEN RAUS! NEGER RAUS!'.

eric the fish said...

Couldn't get access to dave's page, only his friends (many of whom are the usual suspects)

Have you got a screenshot by any chance or link?

No Sleep 'Til Brooklands said...

Yeah, here's a screen grab:

eric the fish said...

Thank you very much. I shall add to this to the litany as it is by far the worst.
One of his mates also uses the same avatar as me so maybe I'm just as bad! Or he doesn't understand the irony of using the Polish spitfire.

Dave also looks for 'dating' so if there's an Aryan female out there who enjoys 'creativity' religious views, Mein Kampf, drinking and smoking, let no man dare stand in his way. I just can't believe he's single!


Are we just best ignoring these people, or does the real BNP need highlighting? Oxygen of publicity v fighting Fascism.

antifascist said...

In 1995 the European Union signed the Barcelona Deal.This gave the right to enter,remain and work in the EU area to every country bordering the Mediteranean.The list has been extended to include Mauritannia!
This agreement becomes active in 2010,thats right,next year!
So we will shortly see the entire population of North Africa and the Middle East,and i do mean all of them!,being allowed to enter Britain! Wont that be jolly,and before you start calling me a liar i suggest you go and look it up for yourself!
Once you have done your own research and found out that i am telling the absolute truth i suggest you vote BNP in June as the only hope to avoid a bloody civil war is for us to leave the EU at once before this disaster hits our shores.
Please try and be grownup about this,the arrival of millions of muslims in Britain at a time of economic disaster is not a good thing and may well unleash the most catastrophic political situation that anyone can imagine.I do not want to see Enoch Powells Rivers of Blood speech come true,literally true.
You must understand that with this expansion of the EU,it now has a border with Sudan,Iraq,Iran and Saudi Arabia!Does this make you feel safer?Do you think that the countries granted the right to enter the EU will maintain strict border controls to keep out their fellow muslims from europe?
Who will you rely upon to defend your right to talk bollocks,get pissed and screw some married woman in the next street? All of these things will get you in very deep trouble in the muslim world.Adultery carries the DEATH penalty in many Islamic countries so safe sex carries a broader meaning than it does here,for now!

eric the fish said...

Oh no, they're coming out of the woodwork.

Five Chinese Crackers said...

"So we will shortly see the entire population of North Africa and the Middle East,and i do mean all of them!,being allowed to enter Britain!"

I've had a look through the information on the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership and can find nothing that says that all citizens in North Africa will be allowed free migration to Europe in 2010.

Since you're the expert, could you show me with a link?

eric the fish said...

Gary,(I presume), you haven't answered questions. Nor do you seek to justify obvious Nazi leanings.
I've come across people like you when I was a Labour member many moons ago. They could easily go from one extreme (Militant) to BNP like born again Christians, ex-alcoholics and ex-smokers.

Tell me, did the BNP hierarchy tell you off, or have you decided to quit the Euro election now?

eric the fish said...

Did Cathy Sloan sign your nomination papers this time ?(chortle)