The Real Face of the BNP

It's getting to be like The Guardian here with all these posts on the odious BNP. Still, at least I've resisted the temptation to compose several articles on how Jade Goody's death told us something about ourselves. Anyway, this is quite interesting on the 'by their friends ye shall know them' level.

We all know Nicholas Griffin is the lead candidate for the BNP in the North West Region; but what of his lieutenants further down the list?

His number two (stop sniggering at the back) is Martin Wingfield (more of whom at a later date), Steve Greenhalgh of the Liverpool clan (stop it!) is next at P3 but the one often overlooked is little Gary Aronsson (if this translates as son of Aryan in norse it wouldn't shock me).

Gazza's got a Facebook and he never sleeps at night.

So what kind of friends has Gary. Well, his list of friends - unlike some other BNP bods - is open to the public domain (for now) and aside from BNP chums he has some strange acquaintances for a member of a party that says it has changed and is no longer the Holocaust-denying, racist thug group it once was.

If you click on the screenshots (I'll upload more later) you'll see that whilst it may not be unusual to expect Number 8 to have Nick Griffin, Simon Darby and Peter Quiggins as friends, some others are a bit dodgy:

1. Denis Law (?) who has an avatar of a Guinness sign with SKINHEAD on it.

2. Rhys Lewis whose pic has a German eagle and swastika

3. Alberto TomasLillo Martinez who also favours a Nazi flag replete with swastika and masked skinheads.

4. Ahs Stefanescu who favours the extremist metal band of Frei Sozial National

5. Michael Stevens who has a hooded KKK picture

6. Jason Stiles who has a German cross and swastika

7. Falange Gottlieb (German for God love the Falange, Spanish Fascists in the 1930s)

8. Mark Collett - BNP Hitler lover.

See for yourself at until it gets pulled.


Five Chinese Crackers said...

Lovely bloke. If we're talking about the same person, his own profile picture includes the words 'Speak English or Die' - below an SS Skull and crossbones. More screengrabs are in order. I'll take a few if you like. Maybe you ought to send them to the Guardian.

Good work.

eric the fish said...

Some changes made now. Shows the BNP are really OK but the English or Die remains.

All sent to the Graun. Any other screenshots welcome.

BNP who come here : Gotcha!

antifascist said...

To all those Grauniad types unable to understand the meaning of my avatar on facebook,i suggest you read the following with great care!
The skull and cross bones represents DEATH,the fate of all societies throughout history that have given way to the call to allow other cultures to co-exist within their borders.Take a look at the history of North,Central or South America and tell me that the fate of the aboriginal people of those lands was improved by the arrival of Immigrants!
Or how about Australia or New Zealand?Do you think that the locals rejoiced about the arrival of the White Man 50 years after the event,or cursed it with their last breath?
The use of English in Britain is central to the avoidance of bloodshed as a multi-cultural society is an oxymoron,like calling New Labour democratic!
A multi-cultural society,by definition,means more than one culture,if it was the same culture it would not be multi but mono-cultural.So as they must be different it follows that conflict is INEVITABLE as they will all want to do things in a way that meets the requirements of THEIR culture and so cause some upset to those of conflicting cultures.
A prime example of this conflict in Britain is the refusal of the British authorities to follow Sharia Law and allow for the execution,by stoning,of homosexuals.Another is the topic of "honour"killings,Britain persists in treating such cases as murder even though in many parts of the world this activity would draw more condemnation by a parents refusal to follow the custom than by keen observation of the practice.I do not look forward to the utter destruction of Britain by ever growing immigrant groups with the same unalloyed joy as the supporters of mass immigration do.I think it is genocide to wantonly bring about the utter destruction of our people,and so does the United Nations!The policy that the British Left are following will not only start a civil war but place those responsible at the end of a noose!You have been warned!

eric the fish said...

No idea what you are or who you are.
So, you suggest that the BNP support the indigenous Aborigines in Oz?
Funny how Griffin wanted to go to Australia to meet the white nationalists there.

The use of Griffin's term 'genocide' tells us all we need to know about your skewed take on history and your understanding of politics.

Your attempt at deconstructing multi-cuturalism is laughable to say the least.

I note you do not address the issues in the 2 posts about Facebook. Says it all, really.

Five Chinese Crackers said...

"The skull and cross bones represents DEATH,the fate of all societies throughout history that have given way to the call to allow other cultures to co-exist within their borders."

And the fact that it strongly resembles the insignia of the SS 3rd division is just a coincidence is it?

antifascist said...

I am fighting to end mass immigration into Britain.This process has been used to batter the previous working class into submission.By massively increasing the population,ONLY at the lower end of the wage scale!,wages have been reduced not just in real terms but in actual rates!
The demand for housing has pushed up property prices and rents to levels that are beyond all hope of being able to afford and this has created a shortage of key but low paid staff in many areas.
The desire of Britain's middle class to return to a time when the working class knew how to tug their forelocks and bow their heads when the local Bank Manager strode past is the reason why our country has been flooded with foreign labour.If i am wrong then please explain the reason why so much ink has been spent discussing the marvel of the age-The Cheap Polish Plumber!Why never the cheap Eye Surgeon or Journalist,because they are middle class jobs!
The greed of the middle and upper classes has driven this process forward to the stage where the majority of our people can no longer start a family,if at all,before their late 30's and this has led to a birth rate that is so low that it guarantees that our nation will die out.
If you can't understand the anger that this process is causing then you are a fool,the BNP will win because it is the only party that will end this war on the indigenous British working class.
The Labour Party has tried to destroy the very people it purports to represent because they voted Tory for 18 years!It never asked WHY they turned away from the likes of Michael Foot or Tony Benn!
As a Labour Party activist in the 1990's i can honestly say that my membership of the BNP is cause for nothing like the shame i feel for helping to bring Tony Blair to power!

Five Chinese Crackers said...

Are you going to answer the question, or are you going to blather on like a nutter on a bus?

Anonymous said...

I reckon they'll settle for blather.
Call me a cynic