Become A Benite

A thoughtful video from the right-of-centre site (Tim Montgomerie of conservative Home) which was referred to in his article in The Telegraph. As phone-ins get bogged down with the expenses row, the truth about the BNP may get sidelined.

I'm not totally happy about having to bang such a negative anti-BNP drum but the main parties have not given us much positive ammunition and their failure to address certain issues is too late to put right before June 4th.

It may be better to hope for a surge in Green Party support. We've had some of the leaflets (UKIP, Green, LibDem and BNP) but not the two giants. Obviously, our postman has not followed the lead of colleagues in Sheffield and Brighton. Postmen may have a job to do, but shoving shit through letterboxes (a BNP favourite) is not part of that.