Matchstick Cats and W*gs

Quick post on 2 matters I wish to consider fully tomorrow. There was a radio debate across BBC NW stations tonight (Manchester, Merseyside, Lancashire and Cumbria). All of the major parties were invited plus UKIP, The Greens and the Odious BNP.

Labour invoked its policy of not sharing a platform but was still unwilling to send a rep when a compromise whereby Griffin was to be interviewed in a separate studio (and city!). I think Labour may have scored an own goal here. The other main parties made it clear they would not sit in the same studio but acceded to the compromise.

It is a tricky area but I've always been unhappy with the No Platform policy as there are legal constraints and issues here. It can be a double-edged sword (as indeed arguing with them). I tend to favour tackling them head on. It is not debating as it is not possible to do so, but it is important that martyrdom is not achieved from denying them Thatcher's oxygen of publicity.

In brief, the Liberal Democrat rep came across well. In fairness, the Tory also played a straight bat (her 'I love Margaret Thatcher' comment notwithstanding - word to the wise, not too popular here.) Green candidate was given a short time via the phone to engage. Was not as effective as he had been a couple of weeks ago on local radio. Just an initial feeling.

The UKIP guy appeared shallow and shouty (and quite honestly wading in too deep). At one time he sailed close to BNP waters (great nautical cliches tonight).

Griffin was grilled by interviewer Roger Phillips and a certain drunken nark from Wirral. He squirmed on the ropes as usual, trotting out his glib 'we've changed' mantra though he did let slip a couple of naughties. More later - as the title may hint.

I'll have a listen again tomorrow or at the weekend if it's available on Listen Again (Late Night Live - Friday 10pm-12). Maybe we could do an animated version as with yesterday's silly Buck House escapade. It'll be the must have DVD this Xmas I promise.

Secondly, Nasty Nick is asking for more money. I don't know why he keeps asking me! Anyway, apparently he's brought in - wait for it -

Professional Legal Team brought in to defend YOUR rights

That's why I, at a huge expense, have retained the best professional legal services available, but I need to raise the cash to keep them working for us, especially in the final run up to polling day.

Yet, as Billy Brit's father says,

As I write to you our Customer Care Centre is being crushed under the storm of thousands upon thousands of incoming calls everyday!

So, they're not ALL pledging money, huh?


Homovulgaris said...


Take the BNP out of the Roger Philips show and what have you left? A fat Asian (Nationalist) Liberal Democrate shouting and interjecting telling the listeners how protectionism is bad and how he works so hard because we need more trade with India via the European Union that Sailor Heath kidded the silly goy into without a referendum. A Conservative (call me Jackie) trying to be the dopleganger for The Old Demented Iron lady plus a baldy oppertunist from Bootle or is it UKIP who like Eric waffles meaningless statistics and has lost before coming under starters orders. The cheers went in up in our esteemed company when Roger 'Stinky' Philips read 2 more e-mails from Eric yet again must be common purpose at work (who is banging who?) Well it will all come out soon enough. Eric knows he can't debate, he hides and calls names and goes into raptures with his Nazi name calling from behind his PC .He follows the labour code of ducking and diving. The only head to head Eric has on his mind is some freaky sexual activity to do with bottoms up chaps. When all was said and done Nick Griffin sat back snd was handed the game.the Greens aint Green so dont count.(wink wink)

eric the fish said...

1. Only one email from moi was read (or sent)
2. Your quote sounds like a Nazi talking about swastikas which existed pre-1933
3. The Liberal Democrat is neither fat nor Asian
4. Facts not stats.
5. Your homophobic rants and obsession does you no credit. Your mother thinks you should stop. Anyway living in Brighton is a dead giveaway for thou protest too much.