So Where's The Evidence, Herr Griffin?

At yesterday's BNP launch of their European Election Manifesto, Griffin was given a few minutes on BBC News 24 to announce a barking mad allegation. The BBC seemed to cut away as soon as they realised the potential problems in what hatemonger Griffin was to spout.

" Pensioners in sheltered housing...and tenants of housing associations are told by council politicians, Labour supporting politicians that if they dare to vote BNP they will lose their homes. This disgraceful threat is used against literally hundreds of thousands of ordinary decent people every single election...."

So, any evidence BNP chaps?

The video can be seen over at Simon Darby's blog as they swell with pride at further coverage without being pinned down. This follows the decision not to air a documentary on the right-wing links of BNP members until after the election and the relatively soft grillings given to the party recently.

This blog will seek to highlight the real BNP at all times.

I feel an Aesop's Fable coming on...


Five Chinese Crackers said...

That about people being told they'd be kicked out of their house if they vote BNP is utter monkey cack. Bet it's not even on the website.

So, we've got Africans are responsible for a virus that came out of Mexico and this one being added to the pantheon of BNP poo stories in quick succession.

God, they're rubbish.

Uponnothing said...

Nick Griffin was on radio five live the other morning stating that the BNP was 'not a racist party', minutes later he was berating current politicians for being dishonest!

eric the fish said...

Yes, heard the Campbell interview on Play it again feature. May put some of the transcript on later.