Nicholas Griffin: Not a Racist Party

I think I've mentioned before that episode of Father Ted, where Ted invites the Craggy Island folk to a slideshow where subliminal 'NOT A RACIST' messages are flashed. The leader of the BNP appeared with Nicky Campbell on the Radio 5 Breakfast Show on Tuesday morning as uponnothing points out on the Herr Griffin post.

I've listened to it via the 7 day repeat facility on the Five Live site (Tuesday - about 2 hours 35 in)- although it was a bit difficult due to connection details) and managed to produce a basic transcript of some of the conversation. It is not verbatim but I have not added anything and have attempted to keep to the crux of the encounter. If anyone finds any errors feel free to correct. It's difficult to listen to Griffin sometimes as even with decent headphones he tends to slur some words. (and even more difficult to type this as Man Utd take the lead)

Anyway, Campbell - in a very calm manner - would not let Griffin off the hook on some of the central issues whilst the BNP man tried to shift the debate away from the past and on to the Euro elections.

  • CAMPBELL - Yesterday...Nigel Farage described your party as a racist party.

    GRIFFIN - We're not racist ....we're not sleazy like UKIP so leave Mr Farage to yesterday..
  • C- When you said recently had a leaflet...that black Britons and Asian Britons didn't exist, could you explain that to our listeners?

    G - What we're saying is this: of course civicly black people, who've been born here, pay taxes, get on with our society...civicly they're British, got a British passport, the right to play in our football teams...
    But 'British' also has an ethnic meaning in that you are English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh and you cannot change ethnicity. We have no hostility to them - we're just pointing out...
    just if I moved to the West Indies I wouldn't become Jamaican....
    they're not English

    C - So Rio Ferdinand, David James, Theo Walcott, although they play for England they're not actually English?

    G - Of course they're not - they're Afro-Caribbean...and often very proud of that and very much entitled to be and likewise the English, Welsh, Scots and Irish are separate ethnicity...our ancestors have been on these isles since since the last Ice Age. We are the indigenous people of these islands and that needs to be recognised.

    C...some of us have been here a lot more recently...100 gets ridiculous. What about mixed race people?
  • G- Mixed race are a (sinful/simple?) part of their society and it's not the job of any political party to tell people who they cannot fall in love with.

    Every time I'm on Radio5 I've had to fend off these silly race obsessed questions. I think your listeners want to hear about policies for the Euro elections.

    If one of my daughters came home with a black man I'd be as disappointed as many black people or Sikhs would be if their daughter came home with my son.
    I think each of our cultures are unique and lovely and should be preserved. Mixing us together in some American style melting pot is way of destroying human diversity which is a bad thing.

    C - Camp - it comes onto your policies...very important as this feeds into your policies. Repatriation is a central plank. In your manual ....manifesto - you talk of lawful, humane and voluntary repatriation of resident foreigners. How does that work?
  • G - It works as it exists now... there is a policy now of the Home Office since 1972 to find members of ethnic minorities, those who want to return to lands of their ethnic origin as
    Britain is the most overcrowded in the world...but it's not a major plank of the manifesto. We're talking European elections the issue here..the EU expansion into Turkey, like the fact we can't have British jobs for British workers while the EU control borders.... controls economic policy.

    Camp - What is your policy on the Gurkhas?

  • GRIFFIN : We've been more lenient than Labour. It's ironic that the Gurkhas are one of the foreign ethnic groups that have done the very most throughout our history for Britain and they seem to be ones most discriminated against. Any elderly war veteran Gurkha who's sick and needs medical treatment should be allowed in with their family for as long as they're alive. We don't think Britain, the most overcrowded in Europe can say you can all come and all your relatives.That's another 100,00 people. One in five homeless are ex- servicemen and until we look after and house those we shouldn't be looking to have a lot more people in. Key thing with the Gurkhas is when they signed up frankly as mercenaries they expected a pension which in those days would allow them to live really well in their country. Because of economic development in Nepal, British Army pension isn't now enough...far cheaper and better for us to increase your pension rather than coming to overcrowded Britain.

    C- Armed Forced Day - pictures on your website are all white soldiers...

    G - they get a raw deal. In Birmingham wounded soldiers have to pay to watch TV....sent into an unwinnable war in Afghanistan.. need to bring home.
  • C - The Pope said yesterday that the suffering of Holocaust victims must never be denied. What do you think of that given that you once wrote book 'Holohoax'?

    G - I've said some very rude things in the past that I regret about the way in which the Holocaust has been used and abused by gentile leftists to stop and stifle any proper debate on immigration, but there's no question about the Holocaust happening .....just as there no question of Armenians murdered by Turks, people in Eastern Europe murdered by communists, who are ideologically close to where the old Labour Party used to lie and we don't have that about the Labour Party every time banging on about genocide.
    Genocide is something that happened in the last century and really that's where it should be left.

    C - But if any party leader had written an article Holocaust:Holohaux and you have said things about it in the past it would come back to haunt them. Have you changed your mind on that or genuinely ...altered your opinion because it's not popular?

    G - There is BBC bias 'cos don't have Labour MPs on ..being asked about communist support

  • C - yes I do

  • - I'm always delighted to do of my great interests is what people said in the past.

  • GRIFFIN - as regards what I've said in the past... the crazy thing is that I can't tell you what I used to believe because you and I could be hauled off to Germany or France and thrown into prison. Similarly I can't even tell you why I've changed my mind.....

  • C -Have you changed your mind?

  • GRIFFIN- I've genuinely changed my mind. One of the key things is the question of numbers 'cos when I was at school we were told 4 million were murdered at Auschwitz, now told 1 million so there's a 3 million gap. The reason I changed my opinion whether that says there was a massive holocaust or not was radio transcripts of German military broadcasts intercepted by the Brit... only released a few years ago which show clearly them machine gunning up to a million Jews on the eastern front in retaliation for partisan attacks on German troops so I have changed. I never denied the Holocaust.
bit more to come.......and tidy up......and comment.