BNP: British Jobs For Italian Workers

Thanks to sterling work by Tim @ Bloggerheads et al, the BNP leaflet fiasco has made the pages of the sleaze-busting Daily Telegraph, noting that the 'British' pensioners are in fact Italian and that the istock photo agency licence has been breached. Tim has an email from the company on his updated post.

Many of you will remember a previous leaflet cock-up when Mark 'Young Nazi and Proud' Collett forgot to use an official imprint on his messages of hate. This is a similar blunder, but one wonders if the fineries of electoral law escape not only the incompetents of the BNP but those considering voting for these clowns.

The BNP is also courting more immigrant votes as it asks members on holiday on the Costas to give out leaflets to ex-pats who still think Ted Heath is running the country. I think their copies of yesterday's Daily Mail should do the trick, chaps.