Guardian: Dumbing Down?

Apparently there was a power cut. Not like we had in the 70s when Denis Healey wasn't taxing us until the pips...well you get the idea.

James Robinson electrifies (groan) with this:

  • Digital TV viewers were unable to watch GMTV for nearly two hours today following a power failure close to the ITV1 breakfast broadcaster's London studios.
Now, this may be a boon to many people but mock ye not:
  • Weather presenter Clare Nasir did her first update on the sofa with wet hair because the hairdryers in dressing rooms had no power.
Next time you can't pay the gas bill, yearn for a more enlightened solution to the Palestinian problem, think of Clare...with her wet hair...deedle-e-dum.

Given the recent obsession with tabloid crap, one wonders what the criteria are for prospective scribes on this once great journal.