Cup Fever

Sometimes you couldn't make it up, as Florida's Richard Littlejohn is wont to fart. When 5CC suggested (on a lamentable Telegraph blog) that the BNP may try to make political capital out of the swine flu issue, he didn't actually think that Richard Barnbrook would attract this attention from the Daily Mirror:

  • The BNP has been accused of using the flu to push its far-right views.

    It is calling for half-hour medicals on foreigners arriving in Britain with "coughs or sneezes", schools to shut for two weeks and councils to turn off air-conditioning.

    The alarming measures to tackle swine flu were suggested by BNP London Assembly member Richard

    Barnbrook, 48, who claimed the illness could come from "the countries of Africa", not Mexico.

Is this why Barnbrook has been hiding during the European Election campaign?

I went to see the FA Cup yesterday. Just to check it was OK as it stopped sending me Xmas cards years ago when Tranmere stopped being the giant killers. The technology was impressive as the photographer had (I assume) an infrared storage card enabling the picture to be printed off via a nearby computer almost instantaneously. So kudos to the professional snapper whose pic shows my effort to be so poor (Defence Counsel rises: I had to take it quickly so as not to alienate those in the queue.).

Anyway Eric (Amelie type star of many pics) managed to show his Tranny and Hertha Berlin badges to the world. A grown man taking photos with his teddy most were thinking.

One word of criticism to Radio Merseyside and National Express who sponsored this - if you're going to put up flags of footie teams on Merseyside, remember that there is a third one on Merseyside. We may never win the FA Cup but we do like to enter it every year.