Marlene Off The Wall

By concentrating on who was standing for the odious BNP in the NW, I'd forgotten about the fact that in South Yorkshire, Marlene Guest is a candidate. She was the batty woman featured in the documentary BNP Wives. Martin Wingfield (the NW number 2) waxes lyrically about her performance on the programme:

  • THE three ladies featured in Sky One’s BNP Wives last night were a credit to the British National Party and the hour long programme certainly helped promote the BNP to a public who are becoming increasingly more interested in finding out more about the Party.
  • My favourite clip was Marlene dealing with that weasel-like interviewer at the end of the programme when he wanted to talk about Nick Griffin and his Race Act prosecutions and her views on the Second World War.
As Lancaster Unity points out, she has raised the hackles of Jewish leaders by claiming that 'dentistry and plastic surgery' were positives to come out of the genocide.

Here's Marlene in glorious colour:


Homovulgaris said...

Please tell us Which Genocide was it the old Dear was referring too? There have been so many! We shouldnt hold one particular one above all the rest. It is so condescending dont your think?

eric the fish said...

If you watch the video you'll see. But you knew that already!
She just sums up the calibre of BNP candidate. Why not stand yourself? Or maybe the party is a bit too soft for you.

Homovulgaris said...

Just listened to your email being read out on Radio Merseyside Eric. Talk about Aesops Fables. You havent learnt anything from this wise man. You threw a jigsaw puzzle of statistics at the silly goy who are none the wiser. Total waste of time, "waiter bring a magnum of Moet. Eric has made an ass of himself yet again." Roger Phillips Radio Merseyside's guests tonight were really were a sad bunch of greedy morons. But that is showbiz which you support. haaaahaaaaaa