More BNP Truth Problems

Head over to Adam B @ Tory Troll for the latest on Richard's Barnbrook's investigation by City Hall and his local council for his claim in a video taken by Simon 'Eyebrow Farmer' Darby for Barnbrook's excruciating blog in the Daily Telegraph (where in the absence of Route 66, I sometimes get my kicks), that there had been murders in Barking and Dagenham when he knew that this was untrue.

In short, Barnbrook, having known his statement to be untrue may face a 6 month ban. A sign of what we may expect if these vermin (thanks in no small part to the failures of the main three parties) manage some seats. Still, A career in crime fiction awaits Dicky.

The report (which can be found as a pdf at Tory Troll), concludes:

  • ...we find that Mr Barnbrook has failed to comply with the Code of Conduct of both the GLA and the LBBD, by bringing his office and the respective
    authorities into disrepute.
I still worry about the amount of publicity given to the BNP. Are they being treated with too much respect with the result that - like Ryanair - all publicity is good for flights to Europe?

Or have they taken us by surprise? Rather like those appalling, bizarre Eurovision entries we laughed at until the voting system and hostility to the big boys connived to spit in our face?