Jefferson Airhead

Interesting to see Clive Jefferson, the BNP Regional Organiser in the North-West, distancing himself from Euro candidate Fat Eddy O'Sullivan's Facebook tirade - "Wogs go home Gurkhas very welcome" - whilst not mentioning his own views. Guardian report.

As he said on his own blog, Cumbrian Patriots, he was surprised to see the winner of the Blue Peter competition to find a child to represent us at the handover ceremony at the Olympic Games in Beijing. Her name is Tayyiba Dudhwala, which may give a clue as to what Clive of Copeland really thinks:

  • The above "celebration of British culture" is simply the perfect showcase of Politically Correct distortion and the ultimate epitome of media conditioning that I think I have had the misfortune to whiteness and the British tax payer payed 2 million pounds for the privilege.
Note the Freudian slip of 'whiteness' instead of 'witness'. Is this the best they have?