I 'ate You Butler

As we know, the odious BNP is worried that some of its followers and candidates might let the fascist cat out of the bag. Eddy 'I hate You' Butler told the (storm) troopers that the mean old press and TV would seek to use propaganda to undermine their Goebbels....I mean foibles.

  • “Our recommendation is that all responsible officers, councillors and candidates, particularly those more in the public eye, should immediately shut down their Facebook accounts and any unmoderated blogs for the remainder of this election campaign. The risk of being set up by the oppositions’ dirty tricks departments are so great that it is not worth the risk of leaving ourselves exposed to these attacks,” he said.
In spite (and that really does sum up the BNP) of these commandments from upon high, the BNP people can't help themselves.

Merseyside BNP, (now retitled as Merseyside and Liverpool Nationalists for some obscure reason) having received words of wisdom from Eddy Butler (who sounds like a very bad '70s character) told its followers:
  • Taking this good advise (sic) I will not be making any more posts on any matter until June 5Th. Many apologies to our readers but this is in the best interests of my, our party the British National Party.
That didn't stop regular poster homovulgaris making the follwing post about Simon Hughes of the LibDems:
and to ensure people don't think he's a mentally-challenged bigot, he posted this gem:
  • TREASON SPEAKS! (Again about Simon Hughes)
The fact remains that even if you employ Barbara Woodhouse to train the dogs of war, the shit will still end up on Buckingham Palace's lawn.