British Pages

Those people who have been cynical about the British Pages should hang their heads in shame. For the BNP-supporting site has gone from strength to strength (discounting the loss of the NW businesses and poor spelling). The BP (no 'N') has sent this missive to email followers:

  • After a promising start the site as virtually come to a stand still so here we are asking for a little bit of help from our members. We have posted on several social networking sites already and are in the process of approaching blog owners who helped us last time, so its all part of a recruitment drive. We need you to try and enlist at least one business to register with British Pages. To make things easier for you we have put together a small package as a small incentive to any prospective business.

    If a business or tradesman registering with British Pages doesn,t have a website for their company their missing out on 1000s of potential customers so we have put this package together to help them out. Their own website with an home page an about us page and a contact us page where their customers can order, place reservations or just make general enquires, this also comes with their company name web address this package isn,t free but for the price it might as well be at �2 25p ! a month, Search the web you won,t find an offer like it, there's no contract pay on a month by month basis and no need to divulged your details as all transations are via pay pal who do not reveal our details We maintain the site submit it to search engines and make any updates required, All they need to do is provide us with the relevant information and any photos you would like including and we do the rest, If you ever fancied having a go at selling online we,ll even provide you with and online store upto 5 items with their own private paypal or google check out just for another quid,if your interested register on and message admin and don,t forget to tell your friends,
I won't even mention the grammar. Yes, business peeps everywhere, get you're three website and have many transations.

You may also like to take advantage of the site's many bargains. Aside from the golliwog badges and book by transvestite, Dr. Vernon Coleman, they also have a tome by convicted fraudster Ashley Mote MEP. By their friends we shall know them.


Five Chinese Crackers said...

"Yes, business peeps everywhere, get you're three website and have many tranations."

That made me laugh out loud. I got funny looks.