Cometh the hour, cometh the MEN

The Manchester Evening Newscarried a front page headlined The Truth about the BNP. This has worried Herr Griffin and in his latest missive to the flock he is urging members and supporters of the odious BNP to write to advertisers at the MEN. Interesting tactic. Can't think where he might have got this idea from!

Griffin moans,

  • One particularly pernicious nest of lying Marxist media vermin resides at the Manchester Evening News which has been running a campaign of unbridled hatred against the BNP. Daily they spew forth a conveyor belt of poison attempting to mislead voters ahead of D-Day June 4th 2009.
So what does Griffin feel about the newspaper?
  • The latest anti-BNP pack of lies from the Manchester Evening Lies proudly boasts of a desire to interfere in the electoral process by printing anti-BNP nonsense.
  • The media knows only one answer to the inexorable rise of the British National Party: lies, slander, smears, deception and character assassination.
In the article the MEN allude to the following:

1. The extremist right-wing group, which only allows white people to join..

2. Party leader Nick Griffin claims that black and Asian Britons - including heroes like boxing star Amir Khan, football legend Rio Ferdinand and Victoria Cross winning soldier Johnson Beharry - 'do not exist'.

3. Griffin is a former leader of the National Front who was given a suspended jail sentence in 1998 for distributing material likely to incite racial hatred. He has previously described the Holocaust, in which Hitler's Nazis killed six million Jews, as 'Allied wartime propaganda'.

4. In its manifesto for the 2005 general election, the BNP made clear it would create 'firm' incentives for 'immigrants and their descendents' to leave Britain.

5. The party's constitution includes in its 'political objectives' the aim of creating an 'overwhelmingly' white country, by changing the law as well as 'negotiation and consent'.

If Griffin feels that the MEN is conducting such a campaign, he should put some of the £5,000 which was just resting in his account towards suing the paper. Careful now.


Homovulgaris said...


Homovulgaris said...


Homovulgaris said...


The Sunday Times had hoped that the BNP would take the money and try to “smuggle” it into its funds without declaring it to the Electoral Commission. In this desperate and devious attempt, they failed utterly and were humiliated when this website announced their plot to the world.

Angered at being exposed in this way, The Times and The Daily Mail have retaliated by making the absurd claim that the Electoral Commission is now investigating the matter after their Communist Party sources claimed to have reported it.

The BNP has been in direct contact with the Electoral Commission this morning. That body has confirmed that there is no investigation into the BNP, and that they have no intention of launching any such investigation.

The role of the Electoral Commission is to investigate donations made to political parties. They have no interest in ‘investigating’ donations given to private individuals which are then passed on to non-political parties.

The ‘announcement’ by The Times and The Daily Mail about the Electoral Commission is therefore merely one more barefaced lie, and reveals the poor journalistic standards of those papers.

Homovulgaris said...

The Manchester Evening News - dont make me laugh!! You get more information at the Cow Shed at Tranmere. heehee

Homovulgaris said...


"The comic later performed an intimate show to 450 people... to cover his expenses for the trip" up to Lancaster. The tickets were £20 each and brought in a nice cool £9,000 for Eddies day out. Not so much a comedian as a conman.

eric the fish said...

If you listen to Darby's phone call to Griffin on the Eyebrow's blog you'll hear a confusing account of what the 'donation' was. On the one hand they claim the Sunday Times story was a sting, yet they confirm the identity of the woman (Rosemarie 'unusual name')is correct and she is a member.

Where is the proof he paid Solidarity the money BEFORE the story broke?

Why didn't they contact the woman to confirm she had sent it?
Does not compute.

Seems to be another attempt to fool the troops into thinking they are having an effect for their money and deflecting criticism that Griffin is feeding his chickens with activist money.

I hear many members are dissatisfied with the transparency of BNP accounts.

It is unclear whether the money is genuine or not, but given Griffin's reluctance to do the most obvious thing is the really smelly odour eminating in all this.

Homovulgaris said...

You really are langsam Eric. Dont you know how the game is being played yet? A miserble 5 grand just look at the publicity that has been generated linked up too and added too. The silly goyim now think its the other parties trying to tarnish the tarnished. Rather brilliant you must agree, a wee bit like the so called members list. What a cracker, the goyim can now relate to everyone on the so called list. I will give you a clue when it comes to Griffin and those you think run the party, nothing is further from the truth. You are chasing ghosts as your supposed to do.(Wink Wink)