Not A Racist Part 267

As I dry my keyboard, drenched with tears after our 88th minute collapse yesterday, I note that Merseyside was quite a popular place to be. We were treated to visits from John Prescott, David Cameron, Bob Dylan and the Archbishop of York.

Simon 'it must be face it's got eyebrows' Darby doesn't like the Bish. Not that the BNP are racist. Oh noes!

The Sunday Mercury reports:

  • Simon Darby blasted Dr Sentamu, now Archbishop of York, after the cleric criticised the BNP’s controversial call for black and Asian Britons to be described as “racial foreigners” in future.

    Darby, who is bidding to become a Midlands Euro MP, said: “Dr Sentamu should not interfere in the political process. He’s not in any position to tell me or anyone else who is, or isn’t, English.

    “If I went to Uganda and told them that they were all genetic mongrels and that anyone could be Ugandan I’d still be picking spears out of myself now.”

Of course, this is a tonic for the troops and the BNP are happy at the publicity. Darby scribbles on his own blog:
  • Apparently I am meant to shrink away from my comments and offer grovelling apologies unfortunately they are talking to the wrong chap. For I stand by every word that I said...
Perhaps Darby is hoping the islanders of Vanuatu will start worshipping him as they do with fellow darkies throw spears' Philippos of Greece.


Nick Kiddle said...

I was just passing through and noticed your football affiliation. As someone who had the exact opposite response to that result, I feel I should offer an apology or something...

eric the fish said...

Ha, yeh. Over it now! Was totally expected due to our 10 minute rule of conceding after 80 minutes gone.
I take it you'll be at Wembley and hopefully you'll beat Millwall (although I don't look forward to seeing them every year).
By way of recompense you can have a beer by way of celebration and think of the afflicted.