Beware The Little Man

Its always the small ones isn't it?


As The Daily Quail points out The Daily Mail has picked up the story and proudly shows off its readers' love of good old dictators. Despite moaning about Gordon McBroon not being democratically elected (because they have no understanding of our system) they seem to favour the liberal use of the old jackboot. As can be seen on the comments on the story here, the readers are reliable as ever in their admiration for Herr Hitler.

Pride of place goes to regular free-thinker Councillor Chris Cooke of Tamworth with this belter:

  • He's not wrong. Hitler did get things done. Not what should have been done perhaps - and not in the way people might have wanted them done - but get things done Hitler certainly did. So did Ghengis Khan for that matter! As for Max Moseley leading Britain - could he be any worse than Brown or Blair, or that leader-in-waiting Cameron-de-Pinko? Anyway - Mr Ecclestone is a billionaire - he can say what he likes and damn what the media think. On balance free speech like that is a good thing.

People of Tamworth, are you mental? Cooke - like the BNP - has a strange relationship with The Mail. He complained to the PCC about the paper yet still submits his classics to it.

For anyone new to Cllr Chris's rational and sane take on life and his dalliance with the Odious BNP, a trip to the following links will be most productive. I may be tempted to set a test so make sure you do.

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Anonymous said...

WHAT IS UPSETTING RATSO ERIC? An expert witness might be required to throw some light on the very bitter attitude Eric The Rat has. Ratso has been picking and sniping at everyone. Lets put Ratso under the spotlight starting with his attack on F1 boss Bernie Ecclestein. Could this be because the million quid vertically challenged Bernie Ecclestein gave the labour party a large donation paving the way for greater things like a peerage? The dreadful way his best friend Mr Mosley was treated and victimised over his private SM fest and the innocent National Socialist theme? Or is it because Bernie Ecclestein passed a compliment or two about a certain ex German /Austrian Chancellor? Could it be the latter which has upset Ratso who fears all things Anglo Saxon. Perhaps Roland Rat will blow the whistle!!!