Put Your Hands On Your Head

Ah yes, the Sixties and the sound of the 1910 Fruit Gum Company. Good to see our own Simple Simon getting down wid da kidz:

  • A Beverley of a different kind now, that being the black singer Beverley Knight. She is not best pleased with June's European Election result and judging from recent comments she might be joining Snow Patrol and releasing a special track in order to "help the campaign against the BNP". Here is what she said:

    "Imagine a world if that lot got in! Everybody I know would be shipped out of the country and the economy would collapse in two seconds. It's a big, big deal. As much as I hate the fact that people went to the booths and voted for them, we live in a democracy. People can do what the hell they want and vote for who they want, which I think is absolutely right. But now we've got those two representatives in Europe, all their bad intentions and dodgy policies have to be brought to light. Give them the rope and they will probably end up hanging themselves."

    You never know, unlike Snow Patrol, she might pick up another MOBO, although the irony of this will more than likely be wasted on Gary Lightbody and Co.
I give you the winner of the best female artist at the MOBO awards in 2007 - Amy Winehouse.

As with the urban myth about membership of the Black Police Association, the BNP hierarchy are keen to perpetuate another lie about Black music.