Won't Somebody Think Of The Children

Coming soon to ITV3, the heart-rending story of two soul mates and their love-hate relationship as it careers out of control. Can't live together; can't live without each other. In an amazing missive to disciples, Nicholas Griffin takes the esteemed Associated newspapers publication, The Daily Mail to task:

  • In a shocking hate-filled rant, journalist Harry Phibbs (pictured right) wrote the following:

    "Certainly the current housing allocation system has promoted resentment. Decent people have held their noses and voted for the BNP. Perhaps they are not aware when the BNP canvassers appear on the doorstep wearing suits that they are masquerading as a political party but are in reality a bunch of neo-Nazi thugs."

    We can quite safely summarise from this rubbish that Harry Phibbs has never encountered BNP activists, especially the large number of BNP Second World War veterans that actually fought against the Nazis.

  • Later in the same article Phibbs is at it again, stating the following: "The rival socialist parties - Labour and the National Socialists of the BNP - can argue about housing allocations. What is really needed is an alternative to life in the ghetto, for all council tenants black and white."

    So, according to the fantasist Phibbs, the BNP is a "bunch of neo-Nazi thugs" and "National Socialists" - how low can these worthless media vermin descend? There is not a shred of evidence that the BNP is a movement comprised of 'Nazis' - we are ordinary, disgruntled British patriots who are sick and tired of watching our country being dragged into a 'multicultural', bankrupt third-world mess.

This would be the shreds which have been widely reported in the media and on this ego-trip blog: the SS avatars, the meetings with KKK leaders, the Nazi salutes and the hesitant answers to questions about 'voluntary' repatriation.

Herr Griffin urges his Sturmabteilung to report the matter to the PCC. Well, good luck with that one! My main worry is who will get custody of man-child Richard Barnbrook. It's all very well having these symbiotic relationships but you must think of die Kinder.


Even though the odious BNP secured 2 seats in the Euro Parliament with the accompanying funds, this still hasn't stopped Griffin from asking for more dosh from his gullible followers. This suggests that reports of them stretching themselves during the campaign were quite accurate and they were fortunate to achieve a reprieve through the EU.

Frightened of getting more egg on his face, Griffin pleads:
  • We desperately need to support our wonderful Security Team. These extraordinary brave men and women are all volunteers and give their time freely in order to secure the safety of us all. I can tell you personally that if it were not for their dedication, professionalism and bravery, I would not be here today.

    Our Security Team are heroes, it's time
    we invested in their safety

    In today's Political climate the need for fully trained, well equipped Security Staff is vital. Our team desperately needs new radio equipment, Sat Navs, Clothing, and ongoing training. These people risk life and limb for our safety, the very least we can do is to supply them with the necessary equipment to do their job. We complain about this government sending our troops into war zones without the proper equipment, and rightly so. But let us not be accused of doing the same with our lads and lasses, who freely give their time to protect us.

    New radios alone will cost £18,000 so you can see, we have to make a significant commitment to our Security Team but believe me they deserve it. If you witnessed the shocking scenes at our London Press Conference you'll know how much our Security people deserve our support!
More money for hired thugs?