Ee bah gum!

For those not from Yorkshire, what's in title is a t'indicator of what is to come and an even greater indicator of the barking mad thoughts of t'green arrow, one of the BNP's 'major' bloggers:

  • I feel that I have just been raped.

    My body has been Invaded and forever infected. I do not quite know what to do.

    Earlier I bought 3 packets of sweets in a local store.
    And blow me down with a feather, I saw it. Printed in tiny letters was the word ‘HALAL’
    The buggers are now attacking our children with sweets.
    They know what they are doing. Exactly what they are doing.

    The invaders are attacking us with their food, by getting us used to it.

    For years we have been bamboozled into eating curry in ‘Indian’ restaurants where everyone concerned from owners to staff are from Pakistan or more likely Bangladesh. There is absolutely NOTHING Indian about them at all.

    Incidentally I now refuse to have anything at all to do with them.

    In my village there is not one Muslim family or child as far as I know.
    So why are they being stocked? Later I shall ask the proprietor.
  • ...

    I will not put one penny in the pocket of those who wish to see me dead.

    I shall also write to the papers.

    I am also going to email the address on the packet above. Please do the same, but you must remember who we represent.
    Without our money to send over to further the hate that their countries exude they will have no reason to remain here.
Barking. The real voice of the BNP: paranoid, bigoted and puerile.


Five Chinese Crackers said...

"The buggers are now attacking our children with sweets."

If the rise of the BNP weren't so serious, that sentence would be comedy gold.

Mind you, Extra Strong Mints can raise a nasty bruise if you throw them hard enough.

eric the fish said...

I blame those science programmes for Jeremy Clarkson fans which show you how to detonate a Mentos and Coke bomb.