Racist and Nutter on Flickr

Received a lovely comment on one of my Flickr photos from the charming Cancer Healer (!). He had already been banned for posting anti-Semitic and barking mad hatred on his account. He then posted some of his cretinous pieces on the Liverpool group and was quite rightly booted. Thought I'd check out his new account and noted he had a photo of the US train crash with pathetic, sick joke so I commented to that effect (ever the protagonist) and received this:

  • Cancer Healer said (32 minutes ago):
    Hey asshole....you the busy asshole....you the son of bitch,jewish gay....you the capitalist ,imperialist bastard....Do not comment my photos....You deal with your asshole...
So, if you have a Flickr account feel free to leave some messages for him or report him to Flickr.

He also helpfully has some emails on his profile.

Seems some of his other offensive efforts have been removed.

UPDATE: He is again banned on that account. No doubt he will rise again and he's not worth pursuing but it is good to see that Flickr will kick out the haters. I also think he is mentally ill, which has been a positive in art throughout the centuries; unfortunately this guy just used other people's pics to make racist remarks.