Special Brew

Watched some of The Specials at Glastonbury last night. Brought back some memories. Black and white together. Then I read Simon 'Oucho' Darby's barb on his ridiculous blog and I realised that I feel proud to have several specials albums in my collection.

After having a pop at Lily Allen, the BNP naturalist (thank your lucky stars he's not a naturist) turns his attention via NME to Terry Hall et al:

  • The foul-mouthed wretch [Lily Allen]was followed by The Specials:

    The multi-racial band took the time to express their anger at the recent election of two British National Party European MPs in England.Before a feverishly-received 'A Message To You Rudy', frontman Terry Hall addressed the crowd, saying: "It's taken us 28 years to get here but things are still the same. Then it was the National Front, now it's the BNP. This next song's called 'F*** The BNP'."
Oucho's blog can be found by googling "simon 2 wardrobes darby"