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You see what I did there? Clever title cleverly linking to the previous clever use of an England goal. Oh yes, The Fish is back and ready to catch up with all our trials. I tried hard to avoid Planet England while away save for reading a photocopied Guardian a couple of times and succumbing to the hotel PC (with Linux dontcha know) once. Glad about that having seen what The Mail and express have been up to. Yet again The Mail has shown itself to be the chief stoker of anti-gypsy hatred whilst distancing itself from anything which its readers see as an inevitable reaction to multi-culturalism. So more later. First a few photos.
Red Hot
Eric The Dragon

Old Town Hall and Cloth Hall

Human statue for Tibet

Tasteful b/w

Cloth Hall interior

Travel agent ad

Cloth Hall


Wawel castle at night

Rynek Glowny

Krakow Glowny Rail Station

Dancing Queen

Fire artists

Cycle relay


Tommy said...

Very nice Kraków pics. It's a pity you haven't managed to visit my home town, though.

eric the fish said...

Yes, I did have arrangements to go to Katowice one day but we decided to laze about in Krakow. I'm sure we'll be back later this year though.