And so...

It goes without saying that people should vote to keep the BNP out. I've never felt in such a negative mood in an election; I've never felt so much difficulty in urging a Labour vote. I've even suggested to friends that they may find a vote for the Greens to be a better solution.

I spent yesterday at Windermere away from the worries of the world but in an area which also faces the spectre of having Griffin as one of its representatives in Europe.

Here's a final reason why the BNP are liars and distorters:

from Herr Griffin via email:

  • The problem comes from the fact that most polling stations are manned by just two people, invariably town hall bureaucrats who ‘work’ in parasite jobs created by the Labour government in order to provide their own people with well-paid easy lives at taxpayers’ expense.

    So very often two individuals, who know each other from work and involvement in a far-left public service union, are left in total control of hundreds of ballot papers. Towards the end of the day, it is absurdly easy for such Labour crooks to check down the electoral roll for the names of people who haven’t been in to vote, and to issue themselves their votes, while no-one else is in the polling station.

This is an election for Europe but it has vital repercussions for this country. For the BNP this is also pivotol; if they win a seat they will be afforded greater respectability and funds; if they fail - under the stormy conditions -they will be confined to the waste bin.

To paraphrase Neil Kinnock - if the BNP achieve seats today, don't be black, don't be disabled, don't be a gypsy, don't be liberal, don't be gay, and don't be diverse.