Eric v Evil One

There was an abridged version of the Griffin interview with Roger Phillips I referred to earlier. My email was used. The programme can be heard again here (if working!).if you do catch it have a listen to George from Bootle and his incoherent racism, which gets more extreme as the call goes on. Yet another person claiming (at 72 years) that they had never voted before but will now be BNP supporters.

My email:

"Given your claim that you are not a racist party and that you have changed from the party set up by Nazi sympathiser, John Tyndall, how do you explain the following:

1. Your candidate Eddy O'Sullivan was suspended for using the phrase 'W*gs Go home' on his Facebook site

2. Gary Aronsson (another NW candidate) has chosen a Nazi Totenkopf skull as his Facebook picture with the message 'Speak English or die'

3. Various local BNP groups have Facebook and Youtube friends with openly Nazi views and pictures, links to hooligan groups and

4. You have a Youth wing which is allied to the neo-Nazi NPD in Germany and other extremist groups.

5. You have been pictured with KKK members, right wing extremists like Monsieur Le Pen and Holocaust deniers.

6. You have said at a conference that “Perhaps one day when, by being a little more subtle, we were in a position of controlling the British broadcasting media, the British people will change their mind and say every last one [non-white] must go.”

7. You wanted to introduce White History teaching in schools led by South African revisionist Arthur Kemp.

How can you say that you and the BNP have changed?

If you listen through headphones you'll note Griffin laughing. He then proceeds to try to ignore the points (admittedly there are a lot but the issue is that it is a cumulative effect based on the Aesop Fable I referred to in the previous post).

He tells us that O'Sullivan's use of the word 'wogs' is merely rude or such like

I've been having problems with listening to the audio so can't provide a transcript of Nasty Nick's response but as I said in the earlier post his main faux pas was the astonishing claim that 'wogs' was a typical comment to be heard in working men's clubs and pubs in Manchester.

Off to the Lake District for some well-earned (it says here) rest and photo opportunities. No doubt it'll pour down after all this glorious weather.

Therefore, time for some photos from the weekend during a 9 mile walk along the Wirral peninsular (via some pubs in Hoylake).


Bilbo Baggins said...

Eric this bad behaviour of yours will not do. Are you a full time officer of the court or are you trying to make a come back with Spitting Image hahaha?? I can see you playing the part of a very nasel Gerry Gable LOVE NOT 'ATE hehehe. Missed you over the weekend brought the old boat up to Dee Side had a few gills in the Harvest Mouse just missed that wife beater you know, the ex lpool player who looks like a fat Purple Aki after he has been quaffing the old malt. Must be off now to catch the tide!!

Five Chinese Crackers said...


How come you get the beener trolls here and in your email when you post about them but I don't.

Not that I want any, you understand. It's just weird.

eric the fish said...

I also attract the proverbial loon on the bus.