Legion of Dishonour

Well done to the Royal British Legion for publicising its request to Nicholas Griffin of the Odious BNP' not to wear poppies during electioneering. Quite aside from the fact that it is inappropriate for such emblems to be used outside November - think of one blogger who tales pleasure out of putting Happy Xmas (War is over) on pub jukeboxes in July - it is another sign that the extreme right is happy to hijack symbols and campaigns.

In The Guardian, the open letter states,

  • The Royal British Legion has accused Nick Griffin, the BNP leader, of trying to ­politicise "one of the nation's most treasured and beloved symbols" after he repeatedly wore a poppy badge during the European parliament election campaign.
I corresponded with the RBL over the constant wearing of medals by local Napoleon, Peter Molloy. The Legion are of the view that such activities are not desirable and that the wearing of medals should be done on 'suitable occasion' and not detract from their dignity. Obviously, it is not illegal to wear them but the public should be aware of the attitude of a body which has represented veterans for many years.

Anyone know whether Griffin's poppy was made in Warsaw or not?


Homovulgaris said...

Did you put pen to paper regarding Ms Blears wearing her toy town badge? Rocking the boat hahaha? No you didnt you naughty old miffter. By the way all ex service men are entitled to wear there ribbons and medals any time they want. This is something a toady like you will never be entitled to do. You are the last person to dictate what is appropriate and whats not.

eric the fish said...

Servicemen can wear them but the important bit is that it should be appropriate. Canvassing for people who think Nazi insignia is cool and have White Supremacist links is an insult to any service personnel. As is attending Remembrance Day services for photo opps.
The Legion does not want you to wear them whilst canvassing even though it cannot stop you - it is down to HM Govt. and the MOD incidentally - what does that tell you? You are not wanted. Cenotaphs are for solemn remembrance not your twisted form of irony.

Homovulgaris said...

So you agree ex service men can wear there ribbons or medals at any time, it is nothing to do with an old fart who has fallen victim to the preachings of the Frankfurter School of Zionist Communist clap trap, The MOD or Comrade Browns weakening Oligarch Goverment. I wear a Russian watch - does that make me a supporter of genocide, mass murder and rape? Why dont you lay your outrage on the Israeli Government? That would be getting to close to home! Whilst you waffle on about supremacy, people voted for who they wanted. Lets not delude ourselves on that point, despite every trick in the book thrown at them. The absolute twerps, like you and your UAF misfits have made of yourselves since hehehehe. Great stuff keep it up!! It proves we have Karma inabundance. Now go retire on this sabbath with your anti depressants, you will need them if that wife beater Barnes takes over Tranmere he will bring a new meaning to the word beaten hahahaha

eric the fish said...

"I wear a Russian watch - does that make me a supporter of genocide, mass murder and rape?"

This week's winner of the Specious argument award. Congrats!