Eric The (Half) Bee or B but no NP

Seeing the bees in the garden over the last few days has brightened me up. It's been a very bad week; if the BNP wins were not bad enough, we learned of the battle lost by Dave Halligan of poons fame. I had read his musings for many a year and corresponded over our shared hatred of all matters Fascist. It was only recently that I discovered that he hailed from the same town as me. I think we owe it to him to hitch up our collective kecks and carry on.

There are upsides to the BNP results. As many commentators have already pointed out their vote was not the great leap forwards they had predicted; rather, it was a mixture of low turnout and Labour implosion wot won it.

Moreover, they now have the oxygen they crave and as such this should be used to hasten Herr Griffin's Downfall. As any diver will tell you, oxygen can be a killer as well as a life preserver.

We need to question, question and question at every available avenue and analyse their work in Brussels.

In a recent interviews the MEPs have been somewhat evasive over who they will represent. Griffin told Iain dale that he didn't expect any non-indigenous citizens to want his help but in the same breath said he would represent everyone. Would it be wishful thinking to hope that every Asian, every Muslim, every Traveller and every black footballer in the North west could bombard his office with lengthy pleas for assistance on complicated EU matters, and that his Inhuman Resources Department is swamped with applications from Messrs Patel, Hussein and Ferdinand for jobs. The race discrimination laws that Griffin does not mind flouting 'inadvertently' may be a welcome tax on these purveyors of hate.